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The Mountain Island Lake
Conservation Effort

Welcome to the Mountain Island Lake Conservation Effort. As the conservation & preservation arm of Mountain Island Lake Cruises, we are passionately committed to the preservation of the unique natural beauty and critical ecological integrity of Mountain Island Lake.


Mountain Island Lake is more than just a body of water—it's the lifeblood of our city, providing clean, safe drinking water to Charlotte. It's a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife, a testament to the beauty of our region's natural landscapes, and a vibrant educational resource for our community.

Our Mission

In collaboration with Mountain Island Lake Cruises, we provide unique opportunities for community members and visitors alike to experience the lake firsthand. These cruises serve as an immersive educational platform, increasing awareness and appreciation for this lesser-known gem in our city. We believe that through greater understanding and experience, we can inspire individuals to join us in our mission of protection and preservation.

Together, we can ensure the long-term health of Mountain Island Lake, preserving this vital source of drinking water, maintaining its natural beauty, and promoting a culture of responsible stewardship that will benefit our community for generations to come.

Collaborations are always welcomeD!

Every action counts. Whether it's making a Purchasing Merch, Volunteering your Time, or Spreading the word about our efforts, your support can make a significant impact.



🌎 Conservation Starts With You!

Explore the Collection

With each Merchandise purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to supporting the Mountain Island Lake Conservation effort. This initiative is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the lake and its surrounding shoreline. Not only does this support the funding of our mission objectives, but it also serves as a symbol of your dedication to Mountain Island Lake.

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